The Clan MacAlpine Society

CREST: A man’s head couped and bloody

MOTTO: Cuinich bas Alpan: Remember the death of Alpine

Albain, Albanach, Albin, Ailpein, Allphin, Alpin, Alpine, Alpyn, Alpynsone, Calpin, Calpine, Culpen, Elphin, Galpin, Galpine, Gilpin, Halpin, Halpine, MacAilpein, MacAlipine, MacAlpan, MacAlpane, MacAlpeine, MacAlpeinne, MacAlpen, MacAlphine, MacAlpin, MacAlpie, MacAlpy, MacAlpye, MacAlpyn, MacAlpyne, MacApline, MacCalpin, MacCalpine, MacCapie, MacCappie, MacCappin, MacCappine, MacCappy, MacCapy, MacCarpin, MacColpin, MacColpine, MacCoplan, MacCoplin, MacCoppin, MacCoppine, MacCorpin, MacCorpine, Mackalpe, MacKalpin, Makalpe, Makcalpy, Makcalpyn, Malcalpyn, M’Alpen, M’Alpin, M’Alpine, M’Alpyn, McAlpain, McAlpan, McAlpane, McAlpe, McAlpen, McAlphin, McAlphine, McAlpie, McAlpien, McAlpil, McAlpin, McAlpine, McAlpion, McAlpon, McAlpy, McAlpyn, M’Calpin, M’Calppin, M’Calpy, M’Calpyne, M’Cappe, M’Cavpy, McCalpie, McCalpin, McCalpy, McCapen, McCawpyn, McCulpen, McKelpin, M’Kalpie, and MkKalpy.

A Short History:
The House of MacAlpine and its variants is anciently known in Scotland, and honours the name of King Kenneth MacAlpin but may simply reflect "Son of Alba".
An old Gaelic saying: "Cnuic `is uillt `is Ailpeinich" (Hills and Streams and MacAlpine) suggests that the origin of the MacAlpins was contemporary with the origin of the hills and streams, that is, the Earth itself.
Black's Surnames of Scotland lists early records of the name starting with John MacAlpyne who witnessed a charter by Malise, earl of Stratherne, of the lands of Cultenacloche and others in Glenalmond, c. 1260 and Monaghe fiz Alpyn of the county of Perth who was forced to render homage to Edward I of England in 1296. Others include Monauche Macalpin, witness to a charter in 1285, Monach mac Alpy, who rendered homage to the government of Scotland in the year 1296, Malcolm Macalpyne who witnessed a charter by Duncan, Earl of Levenax in 1395, and Mordac Makcalpy who was granted permission by Henry IV of England to attend the University of Oxford in 1405.
Modern DNA evidence suggests that present-day MacAlpines have two distinct genetic origins strongly represented, "Pictish and Scottish", and are unique to themselves with no shared origin with any other family group.
The MacAlpines originated from the Kilmartin Glen, south of Oban near the ancient Fortress of Dunadd.
The MacAlpines held a Family Convention in Scotland on 10 September 2016, supervised by an Officer of Arms appointed by the Lord Lyon. On 19 April 2017 a Commission was issued to Michael McAlpin as Commander of the Name ad interim. The procedures that will follow, will eventually see the recognition of a Chief, a welcome recognition of one of Scotland's oldest and most distinguished surnames.

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