Clan MacEwen Society



CREST: a large oak stump, clearly the base of what was once a large oak tree, which despite having been cut down, is now sprouting new branches

MOTTO: Reviresco
(I Grow Strong Again)

Any and all spellings of the name are accepted.

HISTORY: Clan MacEwen (son of Eoghann) was one of the five clans that were part of the Siol of Gillevray (MacEwens, Lamonts, MacLachlans, MacSweens, and McNeils) and can trace their lineage back to Naill of the Nine Hostages in Northern Ireland. The earliest Chief of the Clan was MacEwen I. Of Otter in about 1200. The MacEwens flourished on the shores of Loch Fyne. They had lands of about 25 miles square on the Cowal peninsula, Argyll from the river Kifinan to the stream which separates the parishes Kilfinan and Strathlachan and a Castle whose remains can still be seen today on the Otter Estate at Kilfinan. The last Chief, Swene MacEwen of Otter died in 1493 without an heir, and had relinquished his Barony of Otter title and land to pay debts. As the clan no longer had land or a Chief, clansmen sought refuge elsewhere, often becoming bards and seanachies to other clans. Throughout history there have been many prominent MacEwens from politicians to musicians while others chose a life in the military. Today there are MacEwens living all over the world, many of whom have chosen similar paths to our ancestors.


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