Clan MacNeil in Canada
Founding Member of CASSOC

CREST: The emblem on the badge is a rock

MOTTO: Vincere vel Mori, Buaidh No Bas, Conquer or Die

Any of the various forms or spellings of Neil or Mac/Mc/Neil, Nealey, Nealage, MacGuigan, MacGougan, MacGrail, MacGugan,
for a complete list, please see their website.

A Short History:
The Macneil family has three branches, the MacNeils of Barra, the McNeills of Gigha and the McNeills of Colonsay. Clan MacNeil in Canada welcomes all descendants of the family of Neil. The clan prospered until the time of the 21st chief, General Roderick Macneil who was forced to sell Barra in 1838. The General had no children, and the chiefship passed to a cousin, whose line had emigrated to America at the beginning of the 19th century. It was from the New World that the father of the present chief came to reclaim Kisimul, together with the greater part of the island of Barra, in 1937. He devoted his entire life to the restoration of Kisimul. Clan MacNeil in Canada has from its beginning, co-operated with the chief in activities designed to promote interest in the clan seat, Kisimul Castle, Barra, Scotland. In 1987 and 1997, the chief has invited all members for a Clan gathering on Barra. Many of our forbears lived within sight of the castle and Clan MacNeil in Canada aims at providing maximum support for the chief in his efforts. The Principal direct migration of MacNeils to Canada was to Nova Scotia, chiefly Cape Breton, during the 18th and 19th centuries at the time of the Highland clearances. Other major immigrations were to Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario, and to Western Ontario in the Sarnia and Stratford areas. Many MacNeils arrived in Canada as members of Highland Regiments and stayed on as settlers in both Quebec and Ontario.

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